Corporate Courses

Fluent and effective communication is essential in the modern workplace and is of particular importance in London where people of so many different nationalities work together through the medium of English. The most fundamental and most overlooked element of successful communication for speakers whose first language isn’t English is pronunciation and the correct formation of English sounds. Unfortunately, most communication coaches approach communication skills from the native-speaker’s point of view and focus on high-level issues such as presentation skills and public speaking, while failing to address underlying pronunciation problems which impede basic communication and give a false, negative impression of the speaker’s abilities.

Our mission, therefore, is to improve the communicative abilities of staff by targeting the crucial component of pronunciation. As professional linguists and specialists in English phonetics and phonology, we are best placed to identify pronunciation problems and correct them efficiently. In comparison, general EFL teachers and communication coaches lack the linguistic knowledge, experience and insights necessary to properly diagnose pronunciation problems, understand their cause and design strategies to overcome them.

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