Teacher training

Since the 1980s, the mainstream TEFL industry has abandoned any serious attempt at pronunciation teaching in the hope that learners would ‘pick up’ pronunciation on their own. This experiment has failed completely, leaving generations of learners with pronunciation that at best impedes spoken communication or at worst is unintelligible. At the same time, pronunciation has been neglected in the training of teachers (and teacher trainers), leaving them ignorant of the sounds of English, how they are formed and how they behave.

Our mission, therefore, is to redress the balance between learners’ competence in pronunciation and their competence in other areas of English, and to give teachers the knowledge and tools they need to teach pronunciation effectively.

We do this by combining the framework of traditional pedagogical phonetics and phonology with an up-to-date analysis of modern tendencies in English pronunciation. We offer customised teacher training courses. Please contact us to find out more about how we could help.

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